PCB V1.5




  • Split the jack lights in two groups of 3, added a resistor for this on the back and changed the corresponding resistor values to 270R. The V1.4 build document can be used, just note this one small difference.

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SMD parts:
Atmega 328P-AU microcontroller1U10TQFP-32556-ATMEGA328P-AU
16MHZ crystal116MHZQ3HC-49/S549-CY16BPSMD
1n4148 diode8D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D8 SOD-123621-1N4148W-F
1n5819 diode2D9 D10SOD-123621-1N5819HW-F
L7805 5V voltage regulator1U8TO-252511-L7805CDT-TR
TL072CD dual op-amp1U7SOIC-8595-TL072CD
MCP6002 dual op-amp1U11SOIC-8579-MCP6002-I/SN
SN74HC595 shift register3U1 U3 U6SOIC-16595-SN74HC595DR
CD4021 shift register1U2SOIC-16595-CD4021BM
CD4066 quad analog switch2U4 U5SOIC-14595-CD4066BM
MMBT3904 NPN transistor2Q1 Q2SOT23-3512-MMBT3904
LM4040 5V voltage reference1U9SOT23-3595-LM4040C50IDBZR
Capacitor210nFC10 C13>= 16V060381-GRM18R71H103JA01D
Capacitor9100nFC1 C7 C8 C9 C14 C15 C16 C17 C18>= 16V060381-GRM188R71E104JA1J
Capacitor1470nFC5>= 16V060381-GRM18F51C474ZA01J
Capacitor222pFC11 C12<= 2% >= 25V060381-GRM1885C1H220GA1J
Electrolytic capacitor410uFC2 C3 C4 C6>= 25VPanasonic B667-EEE-1EA100WR
Resistor2100R19 R210603603-RT0603FRE07100RL
Resistor2270R42 R520603603-RT0603FRE07270RL
Jack lights resistors
Resistor31470R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 R16 R17 R18 R20 R23 R26 R27 R28 R29 R30 R33 R34 R35 R36 R38 R39 0603603-RT0603FRE07470RL
Resistor31kR22 R50 R510603603-RT0603FRE071KL
Resistor410kR31 R32 R37 R430603603-RT0603FRE1310KL
Resistor10100kR24 R25 R40 R41 R44 R45 R46 R47 R48 R49 0603603-RT0603BRB07100KL
SMD LED6 1206630-HSMA-C150
For jack lights
Other parts:
Potentiometer1010k BPOT1 POT2 POT3 POT4 POT5 POT6 POT7 POT8 POT9 POT10 858-P0915N-FC15BR10K
Switch cap11612-1R-BK
Tactile switch11SW1 SW2 SW3 SW4 SW5 SW6 SW7 SW8 SW9 SW10 SW11 612-TL1105SP-250
1x3 Male header2571-4-103321-5
2x3 Male header1649-67996-406HLF
2x5 Male header1649-67997-410HLF
Thonkiconn Jack6J1 J2 J3 J4 J5 J6
3mm single color LED6L9 L10 L11 L12 L13 L14 604-WP132XND
3mm red/green LED8L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 L7 L8 604-WP115VEGW
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